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Make a really fast clone of all of AROS SVN, and be able to git svn dcommit

Fetching AROS.git

Fetching AROS-Contrib.git

Working with GIT + SVN

There are many 'Using GIT with SVN' tutorials out there, but here's my workflow skeleton:

  • git svn fetch
    • Updates to current SVN tip
  • git checkout -b todays_project git-svn
    • Make a local branch to muck with
    • ( code code code )
  • git gui
    • Make my local commits - no pushes at this point
  • git svn fetch
    • update again, just in case
  • git svn rebase
    • pile my changes on top of current tip
  • ( Compile test )
  • git svn dcommit (push my changes upstream)


Nov 2, 2010: Frankenrom KS 3.0

This is just the AROS Exec, with everything else from AmigaOS KickStart 3.0.

Doesn't boot, but does ask for a disk. The disk insertion animation is correct, too.


Nov 6, 2010: AROS (no KS) ROM

This is All AROS, no Kickstart.

AROS SVN revision r35177, GIT revision 8ce2052d684cb0951990627b0e42ca32b4ec00b1

Capable of running:

  • EXILE100.ADF, md5sum f8d27184e8be07d1c9581de33d0b8b1a.
    • This is a trackdisk loading, not DOS boot sector disk. DOS boot sectors are not yet fully supported.



Nov 12, 2010: AROS Shell

Yep, that's right. The AROS Shell prompt. Whee!

Capable of running:

  • AROS Shell
  • A number of trackloading games

Not yet:

  • DOS loading games (no in-ROM shell to run their startup scripts)

What's horrible:

  • Had to change the ABI to the Graphics/*LayerRom routines to use A4 instead of A5, due to GCC issues. That's in the EVIL.patch
  • Doesn't boot if we're not strobing the serial port.
  • It's a 1M ROM set.

ROMs + E-UAE configs + AROS System Floppy + EVIL.patch