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The EPSON TM-C600 (also known as the Catalina Marketing CMC-6 in the US) was a spec design for exclusive use by Catalina Marketing in the United States.

An identical printer to the EPSON TM-C610 - with the notable exception of requiring SJIC11P instead of SJIC25P cartridges, this printer is the workhorse coupon dispenser of many grocery store checkout lanes in the US.


The TM-C600 model that I acquired was a remanufactured unit off of, for about $50 USD, with two spare ink cartridges.

After unpacking, remove the rear cover, and plug in the power adapter and the provided Ethernet cable into the TM-C600.

Network Setup

Plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into a laptop of desktop computer.

Before powering on the TM-C600, set up the laptop/desktop machine's Ethernet to the following:

IP Address

Power on the TM-C600, and wait until it finishes its self-check (about 3 minutes or so, depending on how stale the ink cartridge is).

When it is complete, and only the green power light is lit, access the TM-C600 at the following IP address:

Username EPSON
Password *No password needed*

You can also telnet to, and log in with (again) no password - just slap ENTER - and configure the network setup from the command line prompts.

Driver Setup

The CMC-6/TM-C600 uses the exact same driver as the EPSON TM-C610, and can be downloaded from EPSON's POS printer site.

Run the nozzle check/cleaning about 3 times to clean out any old gunk and cycle the ink up to the printhead.


Prints like any other network connected Windows printer - with the exception that the paper is very very narrow!

It takes standard 2.25" receipt paper, available at any office supply store.