Farlell History Spoiler

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Year Event
0 The Harbinger of Hope arrives in the system 3823-BGH
1 Initial planetary system research completed, planet 3823-BGH-2 (Farlell) selected for biological assay
2 Base Camp 1 established, seven more within the next 18 months.
3 First death by platinum metal poisoning, many ill. First Metal Crisis
4 Chelating gut bacteria developed
6 First birth on Farlell (several previous in-system births, all where on-ship)
34 Jellos suspected to be a network-sentient.
35 Suspected sabotage on the Harbinger of Hope - cryogenic areas of the ship destroyed beyond repair by metal-eating Farlell fungus.
36 Ship AI ordered to return to earth with biological samples, and a database full of Jellos chromataphore recordings. Ship reviews the recording on the way back to Earth 'because I was bored'.
46 First planetary government established at Base Camp 1
2341 Last of the powerful O'preitors dies in obscurity, without revailing his codeword to his heirs. O'preitor is now just a family name.
2477 Lilith and Jennie O'preitor attempt to reclaim their heritage.


GMs can feel free to use whatever linear and area measurement system they would like, but metric is preferred.

One quirk of area measurement on Farlell is that, due to the planet's geology, land measurement (for political and economic purposes) are in units of Hex, since they have pretty precise borders.

Please keep in mind that while a week's walk translates into roughly the width of one Hex, some areas may have larger or smaller hexes than others (+/- 20%)



Also known by its original name, 'Base Camp 1', this is the old capitol city of Lahndin.

Noted for its architecture, and the ancient House of Memories. Most of the city was looted and partially burned in 1266 during an economic depression, now more of a spiritual center for Collectivists than a political capitol.

Base Camp 1 was the original landing side for the colonists from the Harbinger of Hope.



One of the more extreme religious sects, they are firm believers that "God is in all things made by man". Religious recyclers, they will not permit any artifact of man that comes into their possession to be thrown away.

By necessity, they have become a very exclusive order, with only one Midden Temple allowed per Hex.