Reef Aquaria

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In July of 2007, I started investigating reef aquaria.

Mark I

  • 55 Gallon tank
  • PVC overflow 'box'
  • Hagen Aquaclear 802 + garden hose 'sump'
  • Two plastic containers from Lowes Hardware

Reef Mark I.jpg

Reef Mark I Siphon.jpg

Reef Mark I Sump.jpg

Mark II

  • Added PVC disconnectable unions between the sections
  • Attempted to double size of skim and grow containers by gluing two containers together.
  • Polypropylene doesn't glue. Fresh water test failed after 4 hours.
  • Added control valves to regulate sump flow (1/2" CPVC - perfect fit to garden hose!)

Mark III

  • Larger containers from Ikea hold 5 gallons instead of 2!
  • No leaks!

Reef Mark III.jpg