Charm's Story RPG

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  • Charm (female, 30 years old)
    • Charismatic
    • Has pendant that can generate holes of up to 1 meter in (almost) any material
  • Charmander (male, effective mental age is 11)
    • Quiet, introspective
    • Later in the story, becomes a cybernetic construct that inhabits a body made of 'force'.
  • Camille ( ferret sized polymorph)
    • Purple
  • Billy Bo Bob (male, effective mental age is 40+)
    • Human brain in an very realistic android body

The Collection

A 1 AU Dyson Sphere, consisting of approx 512 million hexagonal 'World Plates'.

Each World Plate is a preserve for a lifeform and its support biosphere that The Collectors found to be of interest. World plates are approx 93% of the size of the Earth's surface area.

The World Plates are bordered by a 100 km high, and 10 km thick World Wall, with 18 World Wall Transportation Nexus points (one on each hex corner, and two on each hex edge). The WWTNs allow any sentient being to transfer to any other World Plate.

However, given that most World Plates have completely incompatible biospheres, this is usually immediately fatal for the unprepared traveller.

"Earth" World Plate

Divided by the human government into 128 regions, with Technology Level designation from 0 (cannot be occupied by humans) to 10 (God Like Powers). Technology Level 11, which can by accessed only by mental constructs, is rumored to have its physical support structure in one of the Tech Level 0 zones.

Layout is almost identical to earth, using Constant Xarax's half-hexagon projection, duplicated.

Each continent is approx 46% of the size of Earth's, but there are two of each (except for Antarctica, which is divided into six slices, one for each corner World Wall Transport Nexus.

Local regions are environmentally controlled to have the appropriate climate for the inhabitants and ecosystem. Interestingly, the Earth Plate government (in Tech Level 11) has a bit of humor with it's assignment. One of the six Antarctica sections is a Tech Level 7 English Victorian preserve, with the associated English weather!

Intra-Plate transportation is taken care of by the MEM (Matter/Energy Mover) Network. Network access points are available in all occupied regions, but travel is only possible from your current Tech Level to the same or a lower tech level. travel to a higher tech level is only allowed with special permission from the Earth Plate Government. (ie, a Tech Level 3 person can visit Tech Level 1, but cannot go to Tech Level 4).

The MEM Network automatically removes technology that would be inappropriate for the lower level (ie a pocket knife in Tech Level 1).

Technology Levels

Level Description
0 No human occupation permitted
1 Stone knives and bear skins
2 Nomadic herdsmen (ie American Indians)
3 Agriculture
4 Basic Mathematics, stonemasonry, forged metals (Babylonian, Myan)
5 Advanced Mathematic, Hand written books, concrete, alloyed metals (Greek Hellenistic era)
6 Printed Books, Science, Maritime technology (Renaissance Europe, Classical China)
7 Victorian steampunk
8 Automobiles, airplanes, primitive computers, advanced medicine, etc.
9 "Cluttered Metropolis" - almost post-scarcity, computers and robots do all the work for you
10 Technology so advanced, you don't even realize it's there. Paradise.
11 Reality is your computing substrate.


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