Project Stained Glass

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I've been dabbling in stained glass since the fall of 2008, when I took a class at the Touchstone Center for the Arts as a birthday present.

My preferred tool is the Fletcher 01-122 'Gold Ball' cutter, due to its flexibility, low cost, and easy availability. I even use the little notches for breaking thin cuts.

I'm considering the carbide wheel version, but I'd like to try one out first.

My favorite glass to work with is a opaque black glass (actually, a very dark brown). It's wonderful for bringing out deep shadows in otherwise over-illuminated scenes.

My most hated glass is a wavy-on-both-sides yellow that I (foolishly) needed to make arc cuts in. Very pretty, but almost impossible to cut without curving into the wrong spot.


Attic Window 2009

Constructed for myself, Summer 2009.

45 pieces, 14 colors of glass.

Total construction time, 20 hours.

Christmas 2011

Swamp Theme

Constructed for Robin McMullan, Christmas 2011.

Constructed for N. Richard and Dianne McMullan, Christmas 2011.

Constructed for Dianna and Alan Williams, Christmas 2011.

Total construction time for all 3 pieces: 25 hours


Constructed for Thomas and Constance Merriman, Christmas 2011.

Total construction time: 8 hours.