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switchHANDsignal is the Pittsburgh area branch of the Moped Army


Itinerary for October 19-20th sHs Sleepover

Below you will find the basic layout of the rides & events planned. Spontaneity may dictate otherwise, but hey, having a schematic never hurt anyone.

Friday night:

Stragglers arrive whenever they want to, though I need a count of people who expect to come on Friday as well as an approximate ETA (yes, I expect that approximation to be a bit like hitting a barn door with a bb—just a guess would be nice!). Expect drinking at home, downtown rides and whatever else materializes as a means for fun, perhaps including the following:

  • 9 o’clock pillow fight
  • 10 o’clock ghost stories
  • 11 o’clock panty raid
  • 12 midnight donning footie pajamas (no furries, please)
  • 1 a.m. old crow aperitif
  • 2 a.m. snooze

Saturday Morning:

  • 11 o’clock brunch. We’ll provide this. Expect waffles, eggs, bagels, and some fixin’s.
  • 1 o’clock we convene for our major ride. Our awesome group member Jason McMullan was kind enough (and brave enough!) to ride out by himself for a test ride last weekend. Click here for a review of his ride and a google map of the route we’ll be taking.

Synopsis: the ride to Trax Farms took approximately an hour there and back. Our destination, Trax farms, offers us some rest and points of interest before we head back on the continuous loop (different scenery on the way home!). Every weekend in October Trax Farms has some Fall Festival hullabaloo, which includes, well… here’s an excerpt from their site: “Fun for the whole family! Scenic Hayrides, food booths, pony rides, train rides, candy and caramel apples, cornstalk and cornfield maze, and apple sampling. Mountains of pumpkins at the market or take a combo Hayride shuttle to the pumpkin patch and cornfield maze (price of pumpkin not included in combo ticket) Many tasty treats! There is lots to see and savor at Trax Farms!!! DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!!!” [1] For those of you who do not want to pay the $6 to participate in events here, you can pay a buck or two for a caramel apple and lay down in the grass for free.

I look forward to seeing a group of moped riders giddy with cold, derrieres buzzing from the trek, running through a corn maze or riding a pony. I will definitely be bringing my camera.

  • ETA for Dinner in the Southside 5 PM. Possibilities for dinner include the Double Wide Grill (includes everything from full-on meat-eater to vegan options) and Taco Loco which is superbly cheap, filling, tasty, and also has some veggie options. Your wallets will dictate these choices.
  • After dinner we head back to the house for some down time. Then, anytime people are ready, we have only to go two blocks down the street where the dive bar “Chasers” has reserved a room for us. Cheap drinks and a pool table. Booyah!
  • 11 P.M. Goodies raffle! We’re not a big enough branch to have a whole ped to offer, but there’ll be some cool stuff, and the tickets are free. Not a bad deal overall.
  • People stagger back up the street at godawful hours for bed.


  • 11 A.M. Breakfast & short ride: we’ll split up. There are so many good places here for brunch that we’ll go in smaller groups to whatever people prefer. We’ll populate your options when you come.
  • 1 P.M. Weather-dependant sports, including wiffle ball and kickball, hopefully. You are encouraged to bring a sport item of your choice, if you’re burning with desire to play something in particular.
  • Sometime in the afternoon: Adios, everybody, whenever you have to return to your boring jobs.

Important contact info:

All you *&#@ers will be staying in one house—Jeff and Becky’s—unless the group grows too large for floor space. Even if there should be an explosion in numbers, you’ll still be parking your cars at this house, because it has ample parking space. So, here’s the street address to plug into your favorite internet mapping service:

433 Saline Street Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Phone numbers:

  • Jeff: 724-880-4371
  • Becky: 412-736-9889

October 20, 2007 1pm - sHs Sleepover Endurance Ride

Route Proposals

Proposed Route #1 You will see:

  • That Really Curvy Section of Schenley Park.
  • Hot Metal Bridge
  • Page's Dairy Mart
  • Trax Farms
  • Mt. Lebanon
  • Mt. Washington at Dusk
  • Downtown at Dusk
  • Oakland at Night

Proposed Route #2

  • Includes all the above, plus stopover at the Double Wide Cafe in S. Side, a pass through Carson St. at dusk, and a final stop at Chasers in The Lost Valley Under 376. Ride time increased by 30 minutes.
  • Proposed Route #2.1
    • Same as above, but gets rid of the boring Forward ave route to Chasers with a quick jaunt through Schenley
  • Proposed Route #2.2
    • Same as #2.1, but drops the Downtown Loop (to be used if people are hungry and time is short after Grandview)

Route Check Rides

  • Route Check #1 - October 6, 2007, 1pm at the 61C cafe. Travel time, 3-4 hours. Expected weather is sunny, 84F.
  • Route Check #2 - October 13, 2007, 1pm at the 61C cafe. Test the revised route. Expected weather is cloudy, 54F.
  • Route Check Rules
    • Leader moped will announce (three short horn beeps) a short pit stop at a gas station every 30 miles or 60 minutes, whichever comes first.
    • Any rider can signal trouble with three long beeps. All riders must stop and give assistance if there is no chase vehicle.
    • Unless announced otherwise, expect no chase car.
    • We are not stopping at Trax, Granview Ave, etc.

Sleepover Ride

  • Endurance Ride: October 20, 2007, 1pm at the 61C cafe.
    • Leader moped will announce (three short horn beeps) a pit stop at a gas station every 30 miles or 60 minutes, whichever comes first.
    • Any rider can signal trouble with three long beeps. The chase vehicle will then assist.
    • A chase vehicle will be provided.
    • Expected total ride time is 8 to 9 hours, of which 4 hours will be on your moped.
  • Expected sights and stops:
    • Page's Dairy Mart - Get your ice cream fix!
    • A-1 Gas Station in Mt. Oliver (if needed)
      • Chase vehicle can offload early-dead mopeds at Jason McMullan's house.
    • Trax Farms (expect 1 to 2 hour stay)
      • This is the halfway point w/respect to total mileage
      • Chase vehicle can offload at Jason McMullan's house and/or switch drivers.
    • Mt. Lebanon - Any suggestions? Probably a good coffee shop? (30 minutes)
    • Grandview Avenue, Mt. Washington - the highlight of the trip - the city at evening! (30 minutes)
    • Downtown (no stops, but make sure to take it all in!)
    • Carson St. (not really a stop, but it'll take ~15 minutes to crawl it on a Saturday night)
    • Double Wide Grill - Dine like no other kid in the trailer park. (expect a 1 1/2 to 2 hour stop)
      • Chase vehicle can unload at Jason's again
    • Oakland (no stops - see and be seen!)
    • Squirrel Hill (no stops, but party poopers can leave early, as we will pass by the 61C Cafe at this segment)
    • Chasers in The Lost Valley Under 376.


Please place logo proposals here. Although this wiki only seems to accept bitmap (ie jpeg and gif) formats, please make sure your originals are in a vector format!


  • Should be black and white only
  • Crisp edges, no grayscale or dithers.
  • Can have "holes"

Becky's Silkscreens


Logos suitable for stencils

  • Must be black and white only
  • The background must be one continuous piece - no "holes".

Jason McMullan's Stencils

"sHs" in the 'classic' stencil style NOTE: This is my favorite - Jason

"sHs" with big letters for the S

"sHs" in continuous style.