Charm's Story RPG

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  • Charm (female, 30 years old)
    • Charismatic
    • Has pendant that can generate holes of up to 1 meter in (almost) any material
  • Charmander (male, effective mental age is 11)
    • Quiet, introspective
    • Later in the story, becomes a cybernetic constuct that inhabits a body made of 'force'.
  • Camille ( ferret sized polymorph)
    • Purple
  • Billy Bo Bob (male, effective mental age is 40+)
    • Human brain in an very realistic android body

The Collection

A 1 AU Dyson Sphere, consisting of approx 512 million haxagonal 'World Plates'.

Each World Plate is a preserve for a lifeform and its support biosphere that The Collectors found to be of interest. World plates are approx 93% of the size of the Earth's surface area.

"Earth" World Plate

Divided by the human government into 128 regions, with Technology Level designation from 0 (cannot be occupied by humans) to 10 (God Like Powers). Technology Level 11, which can by accessed only by mental constructs, is rumored to have its physical support structure in one of the Tech Level 0 zones.

Layout is almost identical to earth, using Constant Xarax's half-hexagon projection, duplicated.

So each continent is approx 46% of the size of Earth's, but duplicated.

Earth World Plate.png

Technology Levels

Level Description
0 No human occupation permitted
1 Stone knives and bear skins
2 Nomadic herdsmen (ie American Indians)
3 Agriculture
4 Basic Mathematics, stonemasonry, forged metals (Babylonian, Myan)
5 Advanced Mathematic, Hand written books, concrete, alloyed metals (Greek Hellenistic era)
6 Printed Books, Science, Maritime technology (Renaissance Europe, Classical China)
7 Victorian steampunk
8 Automobiles, airplanes, primitive computers, advanced medicine, etc.
9 "Cluttered Metropolis" - almost post-scarcity, computers and robots do all the work for you
10 Technology so advanced, you don't even realize it's there. Paradise.