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* [[AmiWest 2011]]
* [[AmiWest 2011]]
* [[FPGAArcade Replay]]
= Projects =
= Projects =

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EvilLabs Wiki



All sources are at GitHub[1] public repositories.

CatWeasel Mk2 for Linux

Support for the CatWeasel Mk2 "Anniversary Edition" floppy controller, via IDE, for Linux.

See Project catweasel for details.


A library, using libusb, for controlling the Kinamax/Sabrent IP-USBPH VoIP phones.

See Project ip-usbph for details.


A set of tools for reading USB sensors.

Currently supports the Vernier GoTemp! and the TEMPer series of USB thermometers.

See Project usense for more details.


Combines an ASUS WL500+ Premium, the [2] embedded Linux distribution, a IP-USBPH VoIP handset, USB thermal sensors, a 8-way Web Power Switch and my Aquaria aquarium control software to make a lighting, pump, and temperature monitoring and control system for my Reef Aquaria.

See Project Aquaria for more details.